About Us

What is so special about a Bitcoin Era account?

Put simply, the Bitcoin Era trading system utilizes powerful trading algorithms and trading strategies in an attempt to maximise profits of its users. In addition, it connects new and experienced traders with the best brokers on the market and helps them to avoid scammers.

It’s the latter feature which has gained Bitcoin Era a tremendous following. Why? Well, it’s no secret that the world of cryptocurrency has its shady characters looking to do unscrupulous things to new investors. Bitcoin Era makes it its mission to guide new investors on the right path.

When it comes to the trading strategies utilized by the platform, one of the most popular is that of scalping. This attempts to profit of small price movements in the space of seconds. It takes advantage of the volatility of cryptocurrency to extract as much profit as possible.

Why is the Bitcoin Era trading system so popular?

Since its foundation, Bitcoin Era has gone from success to success. One of the things that has driven it forward is the experience of people like you, the user, who have experienced fantastic gains in their trading journey thanks to the software.

As cryptocurrency continues to grow in acceptance and becomes more mainstream, so to do platforms like Bitcoin Era as more and more people seek a reliable trading robot to help them along.

As Cameron Winklevoss said: “The Wild West attracts cowboys. A sheriff is a good thing.”

Another reason for its popularity is its ability to act like a Sheriff in a Wild West of cryptocurrency and keep new investors safe from cowboy brokerages and exchanges by directing them to a trading account on the most trusted and well-established brokers around.

Who is behind the Bitcoin Era app?

Bitcoin Era is not run by high flying executives looking to make as much profit out of their users as possible. Instead, it is run by ordinary crypto tradings just like you. After seeing the potential crypto has and forming their own successful trading process, they developed a vision.

That vision was to try their best to develop the Bitcoin Era trading software that allowed users to legitimately increase their profits through a variety of trading strategies, as well as keep them safe by directing them to trusted brokerages that allow them to buy crypto in the safest and most secure methods possible.

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