It’s no secret that Bitcoin is volatile. But that volatility has made millionaires. In under a decade, between 2012 and 2021, the price of BTC has increased by 540,000%.

Bitcoin is increasingly playing a more important role in our world, and with 83% of the total supply already mined, they’re running out. With thousands of businesses beginning to accept BTC as a payment method, investors are rushing to buy it.

But is Bitcoin reserved for the tech-savvy and experienced investors? No! Thanks to the likes of Bitcoin Era, buying and trading BTC has literally never been easier.

And when it comes to making a profit? Well, it’s never guaranteed. But with the use of trading robots and high tech software utilized by a Bitcoin Era account, the chances are increased!

Start your Bitcoin trading journey now


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Bitcoin Era works under three pillars: Development, integration and conversion.
We explain what is our flow in each pillar.

What is the Bitcoin Era trading platform?

It goes without saying that blindly investing into crypto without any assistance can be risky. But with the likes of Bitcoin Era, new investors can rely on the use of trading robots and algorithms to truly get the most out of their trading journey.

Bitcoin Era uses algorithms that incorporate 15 varying trading strategies. One of the main strategies it incorporates is scalping. This involves the software making multiple cryptocurrency trades within seconds and pulling in profits from various price movements.

It pretty much takes advantage of the renowned volatility of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in an attempt to make a profit for its users. At the same time, it ensures a safe and reliable trading environment for all.

As well as trading robots, Bitcoin Era can assist users in getting connected with some of the most trustworthy crypto brokers in the world. Thus helping you to avoid fraudsters and unsavoury brokerages.

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The NOVA Foundation promotes and accelerates Startups and their growth while enabling them to succeed in their initiative by receiving mentoring, advisory services, coaching and funding from the NOVA group and its network of experts and investors. Let's see how it works.

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Why Bitcoin Era?

Alongside utilizing a range of trading algorithms in its attempt to maximise potential profits for its users, Bitcoin Era is highly sought after due to its flawless sign up process which can be broken down into three steps:

Get signed up – To sign up with Bitcoin Era is incredibly simple and, most importantly, free! It only takes a few minutes and your account will be sent for review.

Make the first deposit – Once approved, you’re ready to make your first deposit. The minimum is $250 and any profits you make can be reinvested into cryptocurrencies or withdrawn to do with as you wish.


We are proud to introduce ourselves as Bitcoin Era, an ICO generator that will work
in conjunction with Bitcoin Era as a multifunctional Exchange. Know our benefits

ICO Bank
Generation of smartcontracts and blockchain

With Bitcoin Era you will have the possibility to generate your executable contracts by yourself, without intermediaries between the parties using blockchain technology.

ICO Bank
Automatic integration to an Exchange

By creating your ICO on our platform you will have the benefit of incorporate automatically tokens to the Exchange Bitcoin Era, saving you processes and facilitating your work.

ICO Bank
Availability of banking entities for conversion to fiat

The banking entities will support the legal aspects and will provide the necessary permits so you can use your cryptocurrencies in their conversion to fiat currency using a debit card.

Bitcoin Era will have a debit card that can be used immediately in any store that uses digital currency or fiat as a form of payment, in this way, the user can transfer their funds in cryptocurrency to Bitcoin Era and make payments with them without having to resort to another intermediary.


August 15, 2020

  • Conceptual design of the Bitcoin Era idea.
  • Sessions were developed with specialists from different areas, for the analysis and conceptualization of an ICO

August 28, 2020

  • Start of software development of the beta version of Bitcoin Era Exchange, a team of programmers begin the process for programming one of the most important aspects of the ICO.

January 19, 2021

  • After several months of development of the whole idea,
  • the official launch of the ICO presentation page is made to attract the first interested in our ICO.

January 23, 2021

  • The first smart contract regression tests and first software tests begin,
  • with the external advice of our allies that allow us to validate what has been developed.

March 5, 2021

  • Completion of the smart contract. External audit.

April 2, 2021

  • Launch of the Exchange demo

May 3, 2021

  • Launch of Pre ICO

May 17, 2021

  • Completion of the Pre ICO

May 24, 2021

  • Launch of the ICO

April 27, 2021

  • Smart Contract generator

May 18, 2021

  • Beginning of the Application of SRO and acquiring of banks.

May 18, 2021

  • First functional Smart Contract generator.

June 4, 2021

  • First Exchange Bitcoin Era version

June 21, 2021

  • Completion of the ICO

Benefits of Bitcoin Era?

Bitcoin era combines a number of benefits to bring the best experience possible for its users.

It’s safe to use - Like any realm of investing, there are some unsavoury types around. Thankfully, Bitcoin Era works with only the most trusted brokers and trading software to provide a safe and reliable environment for its customers.

It’s free to register – That’s right! You can sign up for an account for free to see if it fits your trading goals. If you wish to start trading, you just need to make an initial deposit and your crypto journey will be well underway.

High leverage combined with high accuracy – Bitcoin Era software combines high leverage trading strategies with an incredible level of accuracy. By doing so, they attempt to maximize the potential profits of its users.


The objective of the collection of ICO funds is to have sufficient means to Bitcoin Era so that it can evolve properly, meet the objectives and benefit the owners of it.


Token Sale = 186 550 000 SPTX

Public Sale

Token Sale = 723 450 000 SPTX

Token price 1 ETH = 1 112 SPTX

minimum purchase of 0.5 ETH



Bitcoin Era Token Symbol

ERC20 (Ethereum)

Bitcoin Era Standard

460 000 000 SPTX

Token Issued


Stage 1


Hard Cap

May 3 - May 17, 2021


May 24 - June 21, 2021

ICO Sale

Unsold token will be frozen for 2 years.

Bitcoin Era funds distribution

Public Sale 65%
Business Development 12%
Team 10%
Advisors 10%
Developers 2%
Bounty 1%
TOTAL 100%

SPTX use of proceeds

Bitcoin Era Capitalization 60%
Nova Fundation & Legal 24%
Bitcoin Era Platform 10%
Property 5%
Management & Team 1%
TOTAL 100%
Public Sale 65%
Business Development 12%
Team 10%
Advisors 10%
Developers 2%
Bounty 1%
TOTAL 100%
Bitcoin Era Capitalization 60%
Nova Fundation & Legal 24%
Bitcoin Era Platform 10%
Property 5%
Management & Team 1%
TOTAL 100%


Do I need experience to trade with Bitcoin Era software?

No, a Bitcoin Era account is very easy to use and is designed with beginners in mind. You do not need any prior trading experience to get the most out of the Bitcoin Era software.

How much does it cost?

Bitcoin Era is completely free to sign up for. Like any trading platform, you just need to make an initial deposit to start trading cryptocurrency.

How much profit can I make with a Bitcoin Era account?

It’s impossible to predict what kind of profits can be made on Bitcoin Era. But many users manage to increase the initial deposit of $250 significantly by utilizing various trading strategies.

Is Bitcoin Era a scam?

No. The trading platform is sometimes viewed with caution due to the high reported profits users often make. However, this is not due to some Ponzi Scheme. Bitcoin Era simply combines high leverage trading with high levels of accuracy in its attempt to increase profits for its users.

Is there a Bitcoin Era app?

Well, kind of! Bitcoin Era can be used on the go via the mobile web browser on Android or Apple. This means that you can continue with your trading journey wherever you are in the world!

Disclaimer:As part of a merger, Bitcoin Era is rebranding to Bitcoin Era in 2022 in order to extend their services portfolio and provide a better user experience.